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I’ve known Kay since we were 16. We were blockmates in college and back then, I always thought she had a regal-esque aura underneath her awkward posture and laid-back interests. She left and came back 4 years after, blooming and outgoing and we’d go out like we weren’t getting older. I was giddy when she asked for help with starting up her modeling portfolio and I really hope she gets gigs from hereon.

Most, if not all my friends agree that my strength is in natural makeup because I really make it a point to work with the subject’s natural bone structure and keep the coverage sheer and light. It takes awhile for me to build up to full-on fashion looks but of course I can! I was trained in theater makeup and prosthetics! Shouldn’t mean I prefer applying those technical makeup skills on ordinary people who just wants better versions of themselves. I’m glad though that I can show more range with shoots like these and I look forward to more.

Anyway, if you wanna book Kay for a shoot, holler! ;)

Makeup & Shoot Concept by Jasmine Mendiola

Photos by Marg Javier

Hairstyling by Marie Tan

Fashion Styling by Debra Bernales

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